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Starting Business in Seychelles


General Information

Seychelles is a collection of tropical situated in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles had become a popular jurisdiction for international businesses.

  1. Privacy and Confidentiality: The law in Seychelles has been drawn so that the company deos not have to publicly disclosed its officers. The company can have a nominee director and nominee shareholder.
    There is no requirement for public disclosure or annual filing of accounts under the act but Section 65 of the IBC Act, 1994 (Amended) requires the entity to keep its invoices and in order to be able to prepare accounts.
  2. Tax :0% tax on activities carried out outside Seychelles.
  3. Low cost: The law in Seychelles has expressly been designed to allow the continuation of a Seychelles IBC to function with a low budget. There is not statutory return to make , no annual accounts to submit , no tax calculation to do but simple a low government fee to keep the IBC active.
  4. Simple and flexible :Belize IBC need one director and one shareholder and bearer shares are allowed . Quick to set up

Offhshoreincorp can set you your company in 1-2 days and help maintaining the company throughout its lifetime. Our multi lingual team is here to assit you if you have any question. More infomation.