UK Incorporation
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Failure to supply the following information will delay the incorporation of your company


1.    Due diligence required for the beneficial owners:


The following information must be provided in relation to each beneficial owner holding more than 25% of the shares or voting rights in the company.


In almost all circumstances the ultimate beneficial owners will be individuals:


a)    1 scanned copy of a document evidencing identity (see note A below).

      This document must contain a photograph which must be a true likeness of the individual;




b)    1 separate scanned document evidencing residential address (utility bill or bank statement that is no more than 3 months old).


In cases where a certified copy document is required, kindly see note A below.



If the shareholder is a corporate body:


a)    A scanned copy of the corporation documents (certificate of incorporation, memorandum  & articles);





b)    Evidence of the registered office address of the body corporate;




c)    A full list of the officers of the body corporate.




*It may be necessary to obtain additional due diligence, including documents for all directors, which can be considered and advised on a case by case basis.



2. Certifying documents


We might require some documents to be certified, preferably in English, as being a true copy of the original. Where the document contains a photograph, the photograph must be certified as a true likeness of the individual.


Documents may only be certified by a person who is an independent and reliable person.

Examples of an acceptable certifier in relation to a UK resident are a UK lawyer, banker, authorised financial intermediary, accountant or doctor.


Examples in relation to a non-UK resident are a qualified lawyer, notary, accountant, banker (from a recognised bank)  or embassy official.


The certification should be signed by the certifier, dated and contain his name, address and occupation.


Certificates should appear on the copy document. If they appear on a separate document the copy document which is being certified must be clearly identified.


If certificates are not provided in English we reserve the right to require that an appropriate translation is provided.





3.    Group structure:


Where the company is  part of a bigger group, then we require an understanding of the structure of the group from a reliable and independent source.





Note A: Acceptable evidence of identity


Scanned copies (not originals) should be provided.


•       Current signed passport (this is the preferred form of evidence). The copy should show the unique reference number, the issuing office, expiry date, full name, signature and photograph.


•       Current provisional or full  UK driving licence bearing photograph and signature.


•       Government issued National Identity Card bearing photograph and signature.


Note B: Acceptable evidence of residential address (separate to evidence of identity)


A scanned copy may be provided.


•       Recent utility bill (not more than 3 months old and not a mobile phone bill).

•       Recent bank or building society account or mortgage statement (not more than 3 months old.)