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Open UK bank account
Current UK bank account informative content is difficult to get a hold of, so we have checked and double-checked our qualified information with UK specialists. They let us know the ins and outs of opening anaccount.

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We're experienced in opening bank account in UK so can help you finish the structures and meet every UK's prerequisites. Every nation has its particular rules and regulations regarding the matter of opening a bank account and we can furnish you with informative data on what is needed. We'll moreover always be in touch with major banks in the UK to ensure the business or company account opens easily. You can have the business account in major currencies like GBP, USD and EURO.

Withdrawal and tranfers

A Uk bank will issue a standard uk debit card. This service is complimentary, yet remembers that banks in UK have limited opening hours more often than not between 10.00 and 16.00/18.00 and the debit card will allow you to withdraw money worldwide. UK banks do not charge for cash machine withdrawals inside UK.

How do we assist you?

  • Arrange a meeting with the bank on your behalf or, where possible, going through the whole process without needing your presence 
  • Fill all the necessary forms
  • Prepare the secretary and accountant letter
  • Attend the meeting with you at the bank where required.

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