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Capital: Gibraltar

Official languages:English

Currency: Gibraltar Pound (GIP)

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula by the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea. Being part of the E.U., it is able to incorporate onshore companies that can benefit of its lower tax rates. Among the several positive attributes as a financial centre are: a common law legal system and the access to the E.U. single markets in financial services.

This jurisdiction encourages foreign investors by quite a few advantages: no wealth or inheritance tax, no capital gains tax or VAT are due, a high level of confidentiality and no withholding tax on dividends paid to non-residents.


  • Government Fees
  • Registered Address
  • Local Agent

Our Fees £ 675.00

Renewal £ 435.00


Gibraltar non resident companies however, do not have access to double tax treaty, are not allowed to trade in or remit any income in the country and to hold a local bank account; furthermore no activities connected to the finance industry can be undertaken by this type of entities.

REQUIREMENTS FOR GIBRALTAR IBC (non resident)Included Package
Name Check and incorporation Check name same day . Incorporation 4-5 days *
Currency Standard curreny is GBP . Any currency is allowed, *
Minimum share capital Minimum paid Capital is £1 . Usual Authorised Capital is £2000 *
Bearer share Not Permitted *
VAT/ Sales Tax n/a *
Director Minimum 1 Director. Records is publicly available . Can be a corporate Shareholder. Resident director not required. *
Company Secretary Local Secretary is Mandatory. Can be a Corporate body or Natural Person. *
Shareholder Minimum 1 shareholder. Records is publicly available . Can be a corporate Shareholder. All shareholders should be non resident. *
Registered address Mandatory to have a local registered address. *
Local Requirements Meeting has to be carried out outside Gibraltar *
Yearly Government renewal Yearly basis  
Filing of accounts Yes  
Audit Requirement Not neededed for small companies  
Taxation 0% tax for non resident companies  
Fill out Incorporation form Apply online
Documents required Upload a copy of requested documents
Payment Pay online with our secure payment
During & After incorporation We will follow up your companyto meet all requirements ensuring you focus on your business
Duration for Incorporation 4-5 working days
 First Year FeesRenewal Fees
Inclusive : £ 675.00 £ 435.00
*Incorporation * *
*Filing annual return * *
*Registered address * *
*One original combined register * *
*Appointing your director * *
* Secretarial Services * *
*Nominee Secretary * *
*One original combined register * *
*One original and two copies of Memorandums and Articles * *
*Ongoing Support * *