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Full Virtual office

Virtual Offices

Having a virtual office in UK is a smart alternative. If you don’t wish for a physical office space but want a representative office in a renowned location, choosing a virtual office is an excellent idea. Flexible and highly cost effective, a virtual office provides you with an address, mail forwarding and telephone answering services with your company name as well as wide ranging business support services including secretarial assistance and meeting rooms.

GR MORGAN FORMATIONS offers complete assistance to your business by providing you with a full range of virtual office services ideal for start ups, well established businesses or individuals. A representative office that can be established in any city or country, individuals or companies seeking international business growth can choose a virtual office as their first option which is a highly effective solution.

London SE1

  • Registered office for 1 year
  • Official mail forwarding (including post form companies house and HMRC)

From £125.00/Year


Mail Forwarding

  • Mailing address
  • Receiving business and general correspondence
  • Mails can be forwarded to you as per your instruction

From £200.00/Year


Telephone & Fax

  • Personalised number (0207256..)
  • Professional call answering in your company name
  • Message kept and emailed or faxed to you instantly
  • A Fax number
  • Fax sorting and forwarding

From £475.00/Year


Package B 

London Registered Office + UK Mail Forwarding

From £300.00/Year


Package D 

Full Virtual Office

  • Mailing address
  • Receiving business and general correspondence
  • Mails can be forwarded to you as per your instruction

Fom £745/Year


Why Use Our Virtual Offices?

Our virtual office consists of a prestigious office address in London along with a postal code, it gives your company a more professional image that will benefit your business either small companies or start-ups . Our team answer telephone calls on your behalf and transfer them to your private number immediately. Post is sent to your business address as soon as received by us. We also offer office and meeting room hiring facilities, you can setup your company at a virtual prime-site office address with all the services you need to grow your business.

Establishing a full virtual office in the UK is particularly suitable for today's executive. It is a convenient way to run your business effectively without the high expenses of office space rents and employee's wages and salaries.

We will receive your mails, phone calls and faxes and handle them as per your instruction hence provide you the freedom to enhance your productivity. We will give you the location to meet your clients in and at the same time a professional business environment. You have complete freedom to consider our workspace your very own space to use for your business. Fix the time, come in and be at home.

Benefits You Get:

  • Fine a prestigious business location.
  • Flexible, cost effective business service.
  • Access to superior, corporate Meeting Rooms.
  • Telephone answering by experienced professionals.
  • Easy Broadband connectivity on every desk.
  • Coffee, tea and mineral water are also provided

What services are provided? Registered Office Address

Legally, every new business registered in the UK must have a registered office address. GR MORGAN FORMATIONS is ready to assist you by providing a full service address where all your mail will be delivered without additional costs. Note that there is no trading taking place at the registered office address. We only sort official mail communications such as the Inland Revenue or Companies House.

Mail Forwarding

Having a business address will help you create a professional image and help your company to be perceived as being bigger than it actually is which could affect positively your business networking by enabling connections to bigger corporations. Costs of operation are dramatically reduced for no hidden fees. After joining our service you will become able to use our address as your own address for all your stationery, website and other materials including marketing and advertising. We also handle your general business mails and small parcels that will be forwarded to you through post fax or email (postage fee will be charged).

Telephone and Fax services

All your official calls and faxes will be handled by our trained staff so that a complete professional image is created. We are also ready to screen calls as per your request in order to save your time and divert them to your desired number. Alternatively the name, message and contact numbers of the caller are kept and forwarded to you in real time via email, Focus on the daily running of your business; we will take care of the rest.

Feel free to call us to find out more about virtual office packages and please use our simple virtual office navigation.

Package B – London N1 + UK Mail Forwarding : £ 300.00

Package D – Full Virtual Office : £ 745.00