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Delaware LLC

Delaware LLC Offshore Incorporation

Capital : Dover

Official languages:English

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

The 1989 Delaware General Corporate Law is the principal corporate legislation of Delaware. In a normal circumstance each company has, as part of its corporate documents, its own by-laws. The corporate documents and the legislative language are English, the use of any other languages must be translated accordingly.

The Corporations and Limited Liability companies (also known as LLCs) are used for both trade and investments. In 1992 a new legislation for LLCs was introduced.

Since the US is ranked first worldwide based in its total value of economic output, Delaware economy is therefore determined by this fact.

Wilmington is the main business area/hub and it is renowned for its well developed chemical industry. The percentage of companies quoted on the New York stock markets counts over 46% of Delaware incorporated businesses.


  • Government Fees
  • Registered Address
  • Local Agent

Our Fees £ 399.00

Renewal £ 350.00

Name Check and incorporation 1/2 Day to check availibility *
Currency US Dollar *
Minimum share capital There is no limit on the number of members allowed in a Delaware LLC. There are no requirements as to the minimum amount of authorised share capital *
Bearer share Not Permitted *
VAT/ Sales Tax Optional if turnover below S$1 million *
Member Minimum 1 member and 1 manager .Can be same person *
Company Secretary no  
Shareholder n/a  
Registered address Mandatory to have a local address *
Local Requirements Mandatory to have local Agent *
Yearly Government renewal Yearly basis  
Filing of accounts There is no state income tax LLCs that do not conduct business in the US.  
Audit Requirement No needed  
Taxation no tax for income earned outside Deleware  
Fill out Incorporation form Apply online
Documents required Upload a copy of requested documents
Payment Pay online with our secure payment
During & After incorporation We will follow up your companyto meet all requirements ensuring you focus on your business
Duration for Incorporation 1-2 working days
 First Year FeesRenewal Fees
Inclusive : £ 399.00 £ 350.00
*Incorporation * *
*Registration with State Of Delaware * *
*Paying government fee * *
*Registered address and registered local agent until 31 december each year * *
*Appointing your manager * *
* Appointing your manager * *
*Appointing of a Local Secretary * *
*Certificate of formation * *
*Sample operating agreeement * *
*Ongoing Support * *